3 July 2013

New arrival


Yamaha's A-S500 amplifier, (in a slightly grubby box!)

Just in...Yamaha's A-S500.
Full review coming soon...


  1. Hi!

    I am from Kolkata (India). Good to see a independent reviewer.I also own a Yamaha as500 with Kef q100.
    Would like to know your thought about how it work with cocept 20 and tannoy dc4..
    Looking forward to read your review..
    P.S Think the Yamaha needs a Good runin before sounding Good

    1. Hi Meeraj, thank you for your kind comments, in fact, the first comments on my blog!

      I'm in the process of running in the Yama at the moment, unfortunately, the Concepts and the DC4s have been sold on. So I won't be able to test them with it.

      But looking at the specifications of the Q100, Concept 20's, and DC4s. The Q100's have a wider frequency range, plus a bigger mid bass driver, but the DC4's & Concepts are slightly easier to drive. So it depends, if your happy with the bass performance, its probably best to stick with the speakers you've got. If not and you suffer from to much bass bloat, try the Concepts or DC4s.

      I'll make sure I give the Yama a good run in!