6 April 2014

New arrival!

I've been looking forward to getting my ears wrapped around these speakers for quite a while! KEFs LS50 review coming soon...

22 March 2014

Marantz's CD6005 £350

Marantz's CD6005 CD Player

Marantz's new CD player the CD6005 looks solid and is well made, but what's the sound like? Can £350 pounds grab you a taste of the high end?
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12 March 2014

New Arrival

Marantz's CD6005 CD Player

Marantz's CD6005 has won awards for it's performance as a quality budget player. But is it really that good? Full review coming soon.

25 February 2014

Quadraspires QAVM AV Rack £660

Placing your Hi-Fi on different materials can make a small but subtle difference to the way music comes across. I recently sold my trusty Atacama Equinox Hi-Fi rack and decided to buy the Quadraspire QAVM AV rack. Read on to see the effect wood has compared to metal and glass as a viable platform for your hi-fi...Click here to read the full review