29 July 2014

Russ Andrew's Inline Attenuators £101.00

Can the small devices above give a vinyl like sound from your CD player? Do you sometimes listen to your Hi-Fi system and wish it didn't seem so hard or forward? If so you might find my next review of interest.
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1 June 2014

                   Bear McCreary's sound track from Battlestar Galactica season 4: The Signal:
                                                     through the Wharfedale Dentons

25 May 2014

Wharfedale's Denton 80th Anniversary Edition £500

The original Wharfedale Dentons were designed to give a sound quality that is warm and rich. These anniversary models have been created to improve on that but with extra detail whilst retaining their signature sound. 

11 May 2014

New arrival!

Wharfedale's Dentons

For this month's review, I've got Wharfedale's Dentons on the test bed. These are an update to one of their most famous and popular models. 
These £500 speakers are a limited edition celebrating the 80th anniversary for Wharfedale as a manufacturer.
Full review coming soon...